Sacred Waters Design
My name is Maria, I was born in Finland and am now living in the UK with my family. Since I was a little girl I felt a deep connection to nature and the divine. One of my first experiences with meditation was in my early teenage years when I used to listen to a recorded meditation using breath and colour. Much of my childhood was spent playing in the forest where we lived and some of my fondest memories are from visits to my grandmother’s summer cottage by a lake. We would indulge in foraging, swimming and of course sauna. The green forests and blue lakes of Finland are always in my heart. I feel enormous gratitude for the early connections I made with our great Mother Earth and the privilege to be immersed in nature. 
I graduated as a Beauty Therapist in 2006. My final specialism was in Ayurvedic life style and massage and I felt more and more drawn towards alternative healing methods and practise. In 2008 I met my Reiki teacher and what I had already intuitively practiced and known fell into place. This journey is one that has led me to study further and find the world of healing through Ayurvedic massage, movement, dance, yoga therapy, Yoga Nidra and cyclical awareness. These methods have been corner stones in my life and have brought me much comfort, joy and healing. After meeting my husband, we were was blessed with the birth of our gorgeous daughter in 2013. As a mother to my baby girl and my 9 year old step son, motherhood facilitated a great change both in me and my own practice. Mothering was a gift that had been given to me and took centre stage in my life. 
A year later I experienced the sadness of loss through miscarriage and after this an ectopic pregnancy. These experiences were a great trial for me as well as our family and very little support was available. Because of my own experiences and the changes that I have gone through I have developed a deep interest in women’s health, empowerment and healing following cyclical awarenesses. The wisdom of lived experiences, shared together and passed between women of different backgrounds and ages is of great value. Let the healing begin! Standing with strong roots, hearts open, reaching for the sky! How can I serve you best? 
Many Blessings, Maria x 
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