What is Sacred Waters Movement Meditation? 

Sacred Waters Movement meditation is a meditative practice exploring authentic movements that are unique to you. Beginning with a deep relaxation either seated or lying down. This helps to center the mind allowing time to arrive and connect with your inner self. 
The preparation process of settling in assists in calming a busy mind and body, to become more receptive and less distracted. Through that we can easier access our authentic movements, finding our own intuitive rhythm that allows us to gently release deep seated locks in both the physical and mental body. 

Who is it for? 

Sacred Waters Movement Meditation encourages positive body awareness, connection and helps to calm and centre the mind. Movement meditation has a positive effect on releasing muscle tension and encourages a fuller range of movement. Sacred Waters Movement Meditation is beneficial for all ages. 

What can I expect from an appointment? 

A 60min class will begin with a 15 min relaxation either lying down or seated, depending on what is more accessible and feels comfortable for you. Blankets, cushions and props will be provided. The relaxation is guided and might include instrumental parts. Therafter you are invited to slowly begin to explore authenticly arising movements. During this part of the class you have the opportunity to tune into your inner rhythm and movement with meditative background music and gently guided through out. The class will finish with a Yoga Nidra practice for further grounding and relaxation. 
Investment for a class is £8/£42 (£7/ class) for a block booking of 6 
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