What Is Yoga Nidra? 

Yoga Nidra also called Yogic sleep is a guided relaxation practice mostly done lying down in whatever position feels best for you. You can also be seated depending on what is most accessible and nourishing for you. All you need is a space to lie down, cushion, blanket and possibly some props for under knees. One Yoga Nidra session is 60min and the appointment can be booked for either online on Zoom or 1-2-1 at my practice in Chester. A 60min Yoga Nidra session is £50 including a consultation. Concession rates available for students, low income and seniors. 
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Who is it for? 

Both adults and children alike can practice Yoga Nidra. All you need is a comfy space to lie down and you are ready to begin. If you are pregnant or need any physical support due to back problems or other ailments we encourage you to use support under the knees, lie on your side or any other position that feels nourishing for you . You can also practice sitting up if this is easier. 
I invite you now to rest and be nourished with Sacred Waters Yoga Nidra sessions. Yoga Nidra is a profound tool for rest and self care where you are invited to experience the deep restorative power of rest with the Goddess of rest herself, Nidra Shakti. 

Free Recordings 

You can find free recordings of Yoga Nidra sessions here: 

What can I expect from an appointment? 

One session is 60 minutes. Prior to this we will undertake an informal consultation call to establish what is needed and to co-create the session to suit your needs. The appointment can be booked either on Zoom or as a 1-2-1 at my home practice in Chester. Sessions are recorded for you so you can listen to them at your convenience. A 60 minute session is £50 including the consultation call and recording. Concession rates available for students, low income and seniors. I look forward to assisting you to take time to rest and be nourished. Book your Yoga Nidra Session! 


“Very Beautiful space shared with lovely women and facilitated by Maria. I found Yoga Nidra and Yoga therapy a safe space and with good company a wonderful treat for myself . Thank you Maria for this opportunity xx” 
“Thank you so much for the privilege to be your case study, it has been an amazing experience for me. I have found every one very relaxing and grounding. All tension released from my body quite quickly. I absolutely loved your choice of instruments, they created a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and helped my brain switch quickly into the Nidra (yogic sleep). Your voice is also very soothing and you used tone and a low kind of singing voice to further draw me into a relaxed state. Your choice of words also helped me quickly feel involved and settle into the Nidra....e.g. settling down, comfy, cozy, nest. I will continue to use the Nidras you have sent me, they are amazing. Many many thanks, And all good blessings to you” - Jenny, yoga nidra case study 
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