What is plant Spirit Medicine? 

In Plant Spirit Medicine healing we treat clients through the spirit of the plants working with the framework of  Classical Chinese five element Medicine following protocols and parameters to track the progress of the treatment. 
In this way the healing received by the spirit of the plant touches the spirit of us and has the potential to move and shift blockages that have their roots on all levels ,physical ,mental, emotional and spiritual. 
A plant spirit medicine healer serves as a bridge for the spirit of the plant to deliver the healing for the client and in the way the treatment is delivered there is no need for ingestion of plants. 
Plant Spirit Medicine is a thorough healing modality developed by the late Eliot Cowen and can be described as household shamanism. 
Eliot Cowan trained as a five element acupuncturist in the 1970s with the great healer J.R.Worsely. Eliot later fused his knowledge of five element medicine with what he learnt about exploring the energy, or spirit, of plants using shamanic journeying techniques (which he learnt from Michael Harner). 

What to expect from a treatment 

120 min Initial Consultation (£120, concessions available) 
The first appointment is a consultation where you will have the chance to tell me in detail about your concerns and we will then be able to determine the best possible treatment plan. 
The consultation is to optimise the followup treatments to be able to deliver the accurate healing for you. For the first treatment it would be preferable if you can come without make up , perfume or scented body lotions etc. 
Follow up treatments 60 - 90 min ( £30 - £60 ) 
Depending on circumstances , suggested once a week or every two weeks for the first 6 treatments and as balance begins to turn less frequently. 
I am working with a sliding scale to make the treatments available to all. 

Plant spirit medicine testimonials 

"I got the opportunity to book onto a plant spirit medicine treatment with Maria. I was not sure what it was about but Maria explained beautifully before the session and if I had any questions then she also answered those too. It was so calming and to be honest it’s hard not to be calm around Maria, she excells in what she does and her knowledge is incredible. We live in such a modern non healing environment so it was amazing to be introduced to this and just get back to connecting with nature. I cannot wait for another session to further help me.” 
"I first came to Maria of Sacred Waters when I was at a really low point. I felt as though my body had given up with me and I’d been diagnosed with numerous conditions including fibromyalgia, migraines, pernicious anemia .The list of illnesses seemed to be growing. I was also going through the menopause too which was causing numerous problems. 
During my first session we went through everything in great detail and Maria recommended some very good reading for me. 
I have had a few treatments now and I have already seen some amazing effects. My migraines are now very infrequent and I am able to live a much more balanced lifestyle. 
I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone as it really does work and it’s an open door when you find that every other door is closing." 
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